Happy Pi Day


Did you celebrate pi day?

I was teleworking so I thought it would be “fun” to use my lunch break and make a pie for 3.14.

Turns out, pie making is mighty work. The kind of work where you end up ghosted in flour by the time something is in the oven. As I was “baking” I thought about my past roommate, Ruth.

Ruth was one of my freshman roommates at BYU. There were six of us living together in the dorms, sharing one bathroom. You read that right: six women; one bathroom. Do your best to NOT think of the shower drain. Thankfully, these dorms included a kitchen so we fought over who didn’t clean up their dirty dishes. There were a number of roommate meetings over that and notes left taped to the wall. These are the memories that create life-long relationships.

Ruth was an excellent cook. We all decided it would be nice to eat Sundays dinner together and that if you cooked, you didn’t have to do dishes. I believe it was more like, “if you don’t help cook, you have to do the dishes.” Turns out, some roommates said that they’d rather do dishes than cook so Ruth and I often made Sunday dinner. I was usually on mashed potato duty and Ruth assigned me other tasks to help her. That was the first time I made a pie. Under Ruth’s tutelage, it was excellent.

Today’s pie was more of a struggle. But, I did take some pictures to show you (as seen above and more below). The pie is filled with apples and butter. Because I don’t have pastry cutter thingamajigs I just stuck the top on, cut a few holes, and forked around the edges to crimp it. Per the recipe, I painted it with egg wash then sprinkled cinnamon and sugar over the top.

Either the sugar on top or the oven was my downfall. Unless you prefer your pies to be toasty and black. Then it was a total success. The parts that weren’t black were still tasty.

Would you eat some? We have leftovers so come on over!




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