The Poops

Last night was Nathan’s long night in classes so it was just Dom and Mom. Usually, this is just a little more tiring than nights with Nathan home, but I got this. Last night, however, I got problems.
It’s bath time just before bed and I have three wet bags filled with dirty cloth diapers because I am always on top of laundry. I put Dom into the bath and start dealing with the diapers.
This is pretty easy for diapers that are just wet: I pull out the insert and spray that and the diaper cover with a pre treatment, then stick both in the diaper pail until wash day. Poopy diapers are more work because I have to dunk and swirl them in the toilet until all of the poop chunks are gone. Poop chunks. Good times.
As I’m finishing the poopy diapers (I always save those for last) I think to myself how he didn’t poop much at daycare today and then I look up at Dom. He is standing up in the tub, holding the sides and he grunts. Oh no.
Giant poop log in the bath.
Today, this blog is not for the faint of heart.
Dom then sits back in the tub, squishing his poop log in pieces underneath and around him. Bath water is now swirling with toys and poop and wash cloth and little boy.
I convince Dom to stand in the corner and run to grab a towel from the hamper because I can’t wrap him and his poopy bod in a clean towel.
I gather up the largest poop chunks, flush those, collect toys, and then pull the drain.
The drain won’t stay up.
I twist. It falls back down.  I yank it up. Back down. I curse quietly. Back down. I curse loudly. Back down. I finally set Dom on the bathroom floor and Incredible-Hulk that stupid drain to stay open and the poopy water goes away.
Dom was pretty patient waiting for me to soft scrub bleach that tub and bathe him again. I finally get him to bed a little before 9 (typical bedtime: 8) and Nathan comes home shortly after.
He asks about my day. Shitty.
Sometimes motherhood casts your politeness and delicate language aside.



  1. hahaha yup. I remember when bears was 6 months or so older than Dom, we went to a series of parenting classes that were held at my parents’ church. They had all these tips that sounded so wonderful but all I could think was that thus far I couldn’t even manage to teach my kid not to poop in the tub (it was nearly a daily thing for what seemed like a year). Even now, small things like typing this comment come at quite a cost. Currently, both kids are tossing their snacks all over the floor, themselves and the room. ten minutes of clean up for 30 seconds of comment. *sigh* good times. 🙂


  2. You just made some memories come back. I think those were forgotten for a reason:) Those crappy bath times usually happened with all three in the tub and when I was alone. Why? I can say cleaning poop accidents happens a lot less now! There is hope 🙂


    1. Reminder to self: unless you are cleaning up poop in a tub with little twins and their slightly older brother, you are not allowed to curse, or curse your life. I don’t know how you do it!


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