Celebrating Christmas (part 2)

Thank you for being patient; bring on more pictures! Lots more.



Dominic was Baby Jesus this year. Mom Elkins provided some pretty good costumes for our nativity/pageant. Kylee was Mary, Jake was Joseph, Noah was the star, Marissa was an angel, Mom was a shepherd and the boys were the three wisemen. At first, Dom wasn’t game for being put in a manger, but his “Mom” calmed him with her orange. Then folks brought him gifts and he stood up. Life is better when you’re standing.


We took some pictures on Christmas Eve of Dom in his Christmas PJs. He wore them the next morning to open his stocking. It was a good look for him.


Eventually, it was present opening time with the cousins. Dom didn’t figure out how to unwrap presents, yet, but he enjoyed all of the new clothes, toys, and books to check out. New things are the best. For a few minutes. And then the next new thing is the best.


Dom told us that for Boxing Day, there was only ONE way he wanted to celebrate: at Peter Piper’s Pizza. He’s a demanding kid and you wouldn’t believe the fits he throws if you don’t take him to Peter Piper’s. So we gave in. And he went somewhere he’d never been and won’t remember, but we have pictures for him. When was the last time you went to Peter Piper’s? Probably when it was still there and not bought out by Chuck E. Cheese’s? I prefer the pizza people pick.


We had some rainy weather after a warm Christmas Eve so we thought it seemed fitting to stop by the zoo and see if the animals were enjoying the moisture. Some of them were, especially the tigers. They had one exhibit with two white and two “regular” Bengal tigers that were pacing their cage and climbing on top of each other. The pictures didn’t quite turn out so you can see Dom watching them through the glass, but I did find it humorous how they smiled for one of my pictures (one without Dom included):


Shortly after we first arrived, it was raining enough to don our hoodies. Or, perhaps, we let some random stranger in a grey hoodie carry Dominic around. Yes. That’s what we did. We never saw the person’s face, even. Shady. Dom seemed to love it. See picture below.

Birds are pretty great for a little kid because they move much more than the huge gorilla that sits over in the far corner of the cage dozing. Birds are constantly moving and one of the birds we visited hopped right down by the us say hello. He was funny. The peacocks didn’t stick around for Dom to catch them, but the goats didn’t go far at all.

Perhaps the highlight was a moment that couldn’t truly be captured on film (so no pic). Some distant monkeys hanging out in a tree on an island (while we were marching across a little bridge) started screaming. Whatever the noise they were making, it was pretty loud. Something must be going down, we thought. Or something is about to happen.

It was the latter. Turns out, one of those monkeys really had to take a dump and wanted all his buddies to be aware of it. They all screamed for a while, then monkey poop dropped out of the tree and they went back to picking off bark.

See? Highlight.


After the zoo, we grabbed some Whataburgers for dinner then went to see some Christmas lights. Dom posed with his cousins in a gazebo by the Christmas lights. It was where Santa would have been waiting had we come before Christmas, but instead, it was a good spot for a cousin picture. Look how brown Dom looks.


When the weather had warmed up the next day, we took a trip to the park (after a shopping trip where Dominic rode in his stroller through the outlet shops and waved at people). They didn’t have swings at this park, but currently, Dom prefers the slides. We had to wipe them off first so we didn’t all end up with wet bums, but it was good, free entertainment.


And of course, we had to go to the beach while we were there. Between Nathan and myself, we took enough pictures to fill our entire car trunk… if we lived in the old days where we “developed” and printed these things called film. Instead, the images filled up a small portion of our rather large SD card. What an eloquent way to say: we took a butt load of pictures. Enjoy some of the good ones. It was a slightly chilly day, but when the sun would peek out, it felt great, especially in December.

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