Little Man’s Birthday Party


On his birthday, Dom brought cupcakes to daycare. They were for the teachers, but he also got to eat one. His teacher, Marisol, took pictures on her cell phone and sent them to me. She also took a video, but couldn’t send it. She showed it to me, though, and I saw the proof: he devoured his cupcake at daycare and made a nice mess.

We had a little party with immediate family that weekend. (Thanks to Mom and Jasmine for all of the help getting our home put together and ready for this!) Dom couldn’t wait for his party. He was telling me all morning. Because he knew what was happening and that it was all for him. Or he knew about as much as Pogi…

We started out with a piñata out back. It was a little chilly, but we flipped on the party lights, donned our coats and took turns whacking until the candy came out. No one was injured in the destruction of the piñata.



We went back inside where it was warm and enjoyed dinner (Chef Guapo never disappoints) and then it was time for the cake. After his trial run at daycare, I assumed we would be hunky-dory. Me and my assumptions.

Dom did not eat cake.


He did however enjoy all of his gifts from loving family. New toys and books are the best!




One comment

  1. That party was some good times with some tasty food. Too bad Dominic wasn’t able to enjoy the cake as much as I did. That stuff was quite scrumptious.


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