Year Number One

Just a quick note today:

Dom is celebrating his first birthday today. How, might you ask?

Good question.

He celebrated this morning by waking up happy. This hasn’t always been the case as he’s been having epic, internal battles with pneumonia. We prefer a happy boy in the morning.

He celebrated at daycare by taking cupcakes for his teachers.

Now, I’m going to go and pick him up and see if he also celebrated by being a good boy and taking toy naps as well as eating a good lunch and drinking plenty of delicious bottles.

Tonight, we will play with Pogi and eat some dinner before bath, stories and bed. Nathan is at school until late.

Then on Saturday we will celebrate with some family. I started naming off people to invite to a party a while back and Nathan reminded me that we have a little home and it’s too cold to be outside. I guess Dom will have to grow up learning that his Mom likes to invite lots and lots to parties and his Dad prefers more intimate settings. We shall see what he prefers. And, what’s allowed, dictated by the size of the venue.

Party on, little man!

2 thoughts on “Year Number One

  1. How about inviting everyone who was there at his birth? 😉
    Happy Birthday to a sweet darling 1 yr old. He’ll always be extra special to me!


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