My PaMonia Boy (Just Like His Daddy)

Remember how I told the internet that Dom has conquered much and this was in reference to his pneumonia?


I lied.

We had a rough week, but mostly, it was Dom that has it rough. His fever started Sunday, but after some ibuprofen, it was gone. Monday morning, it was back again, rearing it’s ugly-you-can’t-go-to-daycare head. Dad stayed home with Dom. Off to work I went feeling bad for a sick child.

Tuesday at 2:00 am, the fever was climbing and Dom couldn’t breathe through his nose at all. Isn’t that the worse? All he could think to do was cry about it and you know how much THAT helps stuffy noses.

I stayed home with him on Tuesday and we went to the clinic first thing. What started as a 20-minute visit turned into our entire morning as we went over to the orthopedic center for chest x-rays then back to the clinic for the pamonia (aka pneumonia) diagnosis. Off to get drugs.

Dom barely slept in the car, which was probably more ideal than his crib as he was sitting up in his carseat. Back home again, I tried several times to put him down for an afternoon nap, but as soon as he was flat on his back, he’d wake up crying from his congestion. So his afternoon nap was propped up on the couch. Eventually Pogi joined, you see.


Thankfully, antibiotics are wonderful when you’re sick with bacteria. By Wednesday, the fever was gone and Dom took great naps in his crib. In between naps, we celebrated by visiting wild animals. (Can you call them wild at the zoo? Seems to me like they’re in some category in between wild and domesticated. Like contained. I sound so smart.)

Dom loved the trip and we were happy to have unseasonably nice weather in November. The best part was the tiger pacing near the fence. He’d stop and look right at us before turning the other way. What an awesome animal. He wasn’t close enough for a group shot with Dom, though, so no pic. Here are the other friends little man made… a bear (not to be confused with Bears) and seal lions!


Dom went back to daycare Thursday and today and can even breathe through his little nose again. This certainly helps our nursing world. And bottle world. And sleeping world. And overall happiness.

Boy. Noses sure do impact life.

How’s your nose today?




One thought on “My PaMonia Boy (Just Like His Daddy)

  1. ugh. I’ve never had such a rough baby sickness experience before but I can relate to just how much more you can appreciate a functioning nose once you have a baby. Poor little Dom. Hopefully this is his last bout of pneumonia until he’s at least as old as his daddy was when he had his ridiculous pneumonia rigmarole.


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