Halloweeeeeeeeen (and some random other pics tagging along for the blog post ride)


Dom’s first Halloween. Epic.

Daycare called me on Halloween to pick him up early. The culprit: a rash. Poor guy can’t get a break. He was still in good spirits, though, despite the skin irritations, and we continued on with our celebrations.

He briefly donned a C3PO costume, but his bat costume really stole the show. We also put up a smattering of Halloween decorations: spider-web lights as pictured; Halloween door mat; and a skeleton “pink” flamingo in the garden. It was the first year that we displayed our flamingo in a yard instead of in a pot. How fun!

Dom had to stay home today until we could get a doctor’s note that his rash wasn’t anything serious. Nathan was blessed with the day off as well so I worked while they played. At one point, Dom decided to draw us a picture. That boy needs to work on his skills and decide if he’s right or left handed. Tough life decision.


We haven’t taken many pictures of the new house because it’s still hiding underneath boxes. But here are pictures from ye olde condo living days. Those were the days.


Okay so really those were pictures of Dom and Nate. They dominated those pictures (har har). But, you could see the walls and carpet of the old place. Neat.

One of the tough decisions with moving, I find, is determining where to hang things in the new place. So far, we’ve only hung up one thing: a mirror. This mirror pictured below, in fact. It was horizontal, as you can see, in the condo, but it’s vertical in our new place. Alice was enjoying the reflection tonight as she sat at the table, looked down the hall and saw herself and her Mom, Laina. Reflections make for oodles of entertainment. Oodles.






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