Condo Dwellers No More


It is done.
We no longer own a condo. We handed over the keys, I took one last picture of what we’d once called home, and moved on.
I lived there for over five years. That’s a serious relationship, people.
We had our ups and downs, the condo and I.
In the beginning, we were both new at this home owner relationship. I tried to provide Condo with things like furniture and cats. It thanked me by being affordable to heat.
Before long, we added a third wheel in my roommate, Beth. She was a good addition, helping make things a little more affordable and also helping with cleaning. The company was also appreciated.
We eventually phased out a cat. Pogi then ruled the roost and Condo got sneezed on. A lot.
One night, Condo was mad and flooded the kitchen. Thankfully Beth came in mid-tantrum and we shut off the water.
Other times, Condo dealt with drama from upstairs Condo but let’s not rehash those.
In the end, Condo became mine and Nathan’s first home together and where we first brought Dom home.
We’re quite content moving on to a home without upstairs neighbors, with more room, and a yard. Life is grand.




  1. um……missed the cat’S’ to “phased out ‘A’ cat” ( as momentarily confused) but other than that, nice narrative…(apparently the s was ignored by my glasses)


  2. that’s so exciting that the condo sold. congrats, guys. 🙂 I had been a bit worried since it seemed like a decent chunk of time had past since your post about putting it up for sale. Ryan mentioned something about there being really low odds of selling at all if it didn’t sell in the first two weeks or some such. so what now? you guys planning on buying a single family house?


      1. that Dom is always so social. Alright, we’ll be looking forward to it. Especially Biscuits. He feels like Dom is the only one who gets him. even Bears is too old to know what’s going on with the baby hipster scene these days.


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