Don’t Work On Your Birthday


I’ve spent most of my birthday biding my time here, at work. It is the first time I have worked on my birthday since I started at this company, almost nine years. I should have kept up the work-free birthday streak. It’s been a frustrating day. A few great things, though:

  1. I always appreciate emails from Nathan. It was a good one today. Love that husband of mine.
  2. The sun came out.
  3. My friend, Heather, made me some delicious peanut butter bars that were waiting at my desk when I arrived.
  4. It’s surprising how nice it is to be remembered, even when it’s people on Facebook saying happy birthday because FB told them so.
  5. Texts are also fabulous.
  6. My family is sarcastic, but reserves the right to give genuine comments for my birthday Sunday dinner; is nice.
  7. When I went to Google search, it told me happy birthday. Why thank you, Google.
  8. I have great pictures of my family at work.
  9. I am going home now!



One comment

  1. So, does a comment on your blog count as remembering? I am anti FB birthday wishes 🙂 Happy birthday though. Glad you got to go home and enjoy!


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