Perhaps I’ll come back to this title…

I feel that I should blog something right now.

I do not know what…these are my thoughts.

I heard that when people are lying they’ll say, “do not” instead of “don’t” or other contractions.

I think I might finally be learning how to sprint again–getting a little bit faster each soccer game but yet to score a goal in outdoor.

Dom and I lounged in the hot tub at Opa/Grandmere’s. Ah.

We no longer have cable tv = no ESPN = no BYU/Utah game = sad Larrie.

Our house is so clean, we could toss the frozen pink lemonade in the toilet bowl, mix and drink up.

That’s an odd way to say our house is clean all over.

My work laptop had the hard drive die, Nathan’s laptop cannot connect to a wireless network, and our tv pc won’t play video anymore. Do not let me touch your computer for apparently I am a hardware virus carrier.

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