Giggling Video From Natalie

IMAG1877I mentioned previously that Natalie took a video on her phone, back in June, of Dom giggling at his cousin. I didn’t think I would see it again so I would just have to remember it with my little brain of mine. Well, turns out, I was able to help get all of the pictures and videos saved off of Nat’s phone just the other day and grabbed all of the clips she recorded. I put them together and thought about cutting out the parts where not much is going on, but then I didn’t, because when there’s a lack of action, Natalie jumps in with a comment. It’s nice to hear her voice.

She also took the picture on the left on her phone. I don’t remember her taking it at all. I guess she was sneaky!

It was kind of nice to look through her phone pictures. She wasn’t afraid to take pictures of herself, despite the hair loss, swelling, and other physical signs of her illness and treatment. I was also surprised to see that about two months before she passed away, she went to IKEA and Lofgren’s Furniture, taking pictures of furniture that she liked. Always the stylish home decorator!



  1. Oh i’m SO glad you got this video. I texted her that night to send my video and she never got around to it. Such a lovely memory…sweet boys too!


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