Natalie’s Funeral

A few thoughts about Natalie’s funeral and viewing this last Saturday and Friday:

  1. Music is beautiful and the music that was played for her funeral was gorgeous.
  2. Laura, Annalisa and I wondered, while sitting and chatting at the viewing: who’s going to play at our funerals?
  3. Grandma DeeDee looked regal.
  4. Dominic was pretty good for most of the funeral.
  5. Watching the pallbearers carry her casket across the bumpy ground of the cemetery, standing amid a large group of people, totally silent: emotional.
  6. Funerals make for a long day, especially with a baby.
  7. I hope Natalie saw all of the people there for her and heard the things they said about her.
  8. Grandma DeeDee told me that she could be my Natalie now, except that she wasn’t very good at organizing.
  9. It rained off and on but was sunny for the dedication prayer of her grave.
  10. The casket that John made for her was gorgeous; people were reaching out to touch it at the viewing.
  11. I’m glad that Laura and Annalisa walked up with me to see her in the casket; she looked better than the last week before her passing.
  12. There were so many beautiful flower arrangements from people; felt loved.
  13. I love my family.
  14. Jed and his wife, Sarah, weren’t able to make it because the night of the viewing, they had a son: Nathaniel.
  15. When I see orange Honda Elements on the road, I can’t help but look and see who’s driving.
  16. I know Natalie is happy now.
  17. And she’s still looking out for me.

Her obituary (copy and pasted so I have it when it’s no longer hosted on the website):

1957 ~ 2013
Natalie Reed passed away quietly and peacefully on Friday evening September 6 at the age of 55. It was with unyielding optimism and her engaging smile that she confronted the various cancers that eventually completed her mortal life. She slipped from the embrace of family and friends at her home in Salt Lake City into the waiting embrace of family and friends in her eternal home. One of those waiting her return was her little sister Libby, whose birthday was the previous day.
Natalie is the daughter of John and Edith (Grandma Dee Dee) Reed. During her final hours, Mom kept Natalie’s feet warm knowing that “Daddy” would soon see those beautiful feet leap with joy and dance once again. Natalie is a dancer.
Natalie is a musician: a violinist, violin teacher, singer and conductor, who earned an honors BA from BYU, and a Masters in violin performance from the University of Utah. Her PhD studies were at Indiana University where she was a student of Josef Gingold.
Natalie grew up in Salt Lake City living near Liberty Park, graduating from East High School. She served an LDS mission in the Germany Munich mission later returning to her beloved Salzburg. She traveled widely, with her music taking her to Alaska, Singapore, Finland, England, Europe, and the Caribbean. She lived in Washington D.C.; L.A. (where she substituted in the Los Angeles Philharmonic); San Francisco; Bloomington, Indiana; and Santa Barbara, California; eventually returning home to Salt Lake City.
Natalie was a teacher, coach and trusted confidante to her countless private violin students. Many of them are now violin teachers or professional musicians themselves, often sending their children to Natalie knowing of her powerful combination of competence and compassion. She also worked as a Life Coach, a Realtor, an Office Manager, and a Ballot Initiatives Administrator.
Natalie was a rich contributor to the professional music community in Salt Lake. She played with the Utah Symphony, and The Orchestra at Temple Square. Natalie was at home in the recording studio or on stage as she played for many artists, including: Glen Campbell, Quincy Jones, Smokey Robinson, Sarah Brightman, the Four Tenors, Tom Selleck, Johnny Mathis, Barry Manilow, Transiberrean Orchestra, Mannheim Steamroller, Josh Groban, Kurt Bestor, Kenneth Cope, Alex Boye, Jon Schmidt, Jenny Jordan, Jenny Oaks Baker.
Natalie wrestled with the disease of depression. She reached out to others in a very personal and authentic way, knowing of the despair. She brought hope to those feeling hopeless; she could say, “I know,” and really knew. Like Jesus, whom she loved, she lifted up those whose heads hung down and whose hands reached up.
She was a fabulous aunt to 27 nieces and nephews and their 52 children.
Natalie is preceded in death by her father, John; brother, Byron; sister, Barbara; and baby sister, Elizabeth.


  1. Lauren this was beautiful and her obituary brought me to tears and brought the spirit. I wish I had had the opportunity to know her. I hope you will find peace during this time of loss and that throughout the years ahead you will feel her supporting you from the other side of the veil. I have enjoyed reading your writing lately-well done.


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