Condo For Sale

It’s been MY home for over 5 years, Nathan’s home with me for almost 3, and Dom’s for just about 10 months. Last night, though, we put our home out on the market to see if somebody else wants to call it home. It was a LOT of work to get to this. I had no idea. It started out as a casual conversation back in maybe June or July, which led to longer conversations, prayers, a temple visit, and then hard work.

We filled my parents’ two-car garage with our stuff so that we could properly stage our condo. Here is the work in three steps:

Step one: give Pogi plenty of new places to explore by filling the front room with boxes and furniture.


Step two: bring in movers to transport many of those things to aforementioned garage, leaving Pogi a chair to sit on.


Step three: clear out the last three things, including Pogi.


We miss Pogi while he currently lives at my parents’. Keep us in your prayers or cross your fingers for us so that we can find a great seller quickly!


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