Rocking 9 Months


Dom had his 9 month appointment today. He’s a skinny boy, only in the 10th percentile for weight now. Head and height still basically average. And he’s off the charts for radicalness, clearly.

His teachers at daycare tell me he’s guapo. I agree. He’s our guapito.

A few thoughts on 9 months:
He’s yet to crawl but loves to stand up holding on or leaning against something.
When he has the hiccups, sometimes he does a fake hiccup then looks up at me with a smile…he’s saying, “I’m funny, Mom, and you can’t help but laugh.”
He laughs a lot with his Dad.
He waves sometimes.
He claps all the time. When he finishes his dinner, I say, “All done,” and he claps.
Pogi really makes him giggle, just by looking at him.
He interrupted one of the missionaries speaking on church giggling so hard with the toddler sitting behind him.
He loves jumping.
He likes to hold the squeeze packet of apple sauce himself. He also likes holding his sippy cup with the straw himself.

He’s a good kid. We’ll keep him.


One comment

  1. The 9 month appointment sure is the best. I love the whole no-shot thing. Blast it but he’s a handsome fellow. It’s funny, before I read the part about him being a skinny guy, I was marveling over how much adorable pudge he has. But. Biscuits is like -15% for weight at this point so I may have a bit of a skewed perspective. We should get these little cousins together sometime soon. seems like it’s been a while.


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