Saturday Is A Special Day

Nathan went to bed late last night, writing a paper so this morning, Dom and I got dressed and went for a stroll to Starbucks. They have surprisingly yummy oatmeal. Dom enjoyed some apple sauce while I ate my steel cut breakfast. All of the employees were gaga over Dom. I found it humorous. He sneezed and several of them blessed him. We ate on their patio for a little privacy.

The rest of our Saturday was mostly spent getting a ton of stuff done around the house with some huge help from Grandmere and a visit from Mern and Campbie Joe.

Nathan is at a bishopric meeting tonight so for dinner we went to get something quickat Cous Cous. They have delicious food. While Nathan was ordering the food, I grabbed a high chair and table with Dom. An older couple was at the table next to us and gramps offered to hold Dom. He told me, “it’s okay, we have grandkids.” His wife (I’m assuming here) said Dom had beautiful, brown eyes. It seems the ladies like him.

I enjoyed shwarma for my dinner, Nathan had a baked pasta and Dom devoured his gourmet, pureed chicken and apples. That’s how we roll.

How did you spend your Saturday?


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