Dog Days of Summer: A Few Thoughts

Tomorrow, July 3rd, marks the beginning of the “Dog Days of Summer.”

Who here can actually tell me the origins of that phrase?

I like it because it paints a picture in my head of a big dog, exhausted and hot from the sun, collapsing into a kiddie swimming pool filled with chilly hose water. Or something along those lines. That dog is going to be one stinky dog.

Here’s a hint: Sirius, the Dog Star. I won’t give you the answer, though. Google probably knows if you don’t.


What do YOU think of when you hear “Dog Days of Summer” and how are you going to enjoy yours this year?

It’s been crazy hot already, 105+ the last couple of days. Dom and I swam in Grumma’s pool last Saturday while Nathan and Grumma lounged in the shade. I wasn’t sure how it would go because her condo’s pool heater was broken, but the chilly water ended up being the perfect contrast to the blasting heat. Dom enjoyed splashing, kicking, floating and even dipping under the cool water with me.

I have actually been cold much of this summer so far. A/C in the office is chilly. I dress for hot weather, but they keep the offices appropriate temperature for people dressed in scarves and fingerless gloves. I think that’s our dress code at least. I take breaks to go outside and warm up. Makes sense, right?

On one other random note, we were having slow response from an application at work and appropriately deemed it a sad panda. This led to the drawing, of course, of a sad panda cartoon. And then we threw it up on the website so you could actually buy a Larrie’s-sad-panda shirt if this fulfilled your hopes and dreams (on the right on my blog). Yep. A very effective day at work. We enjoy these “sentimental, team bonding” moments. Go team.


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