Front Porch Lounging and Giggling


A couple of weeks ago, Dom and I were sitting out on the front porch, enjoying the nice weather (before it hit high 90s). You realize that a couple of weeks ago is a REALLY long time ago for Dominic? I mean, really long.

I think we were sitting out there because dinner was on the grill that night. Nathan was at class so just the two of us were front porch lounging. The only thing that could have actually made it better was if we were playing G. Love’s “Front Porch Loungin‘” while we enjoyed the evening. There’s something about sitting out on a porch, waving to neighbors that walk by, just being friendly.

An afternoon on the stoop.

Dom was in a great mood and started giggling so I grabbed our little video camera to capture it. Tell me if you were able to watch this without laughing with him.


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