Doctor Appointments Ain’t No Fun


Dom had his 6 month check up and it was a rough one. He was in great spirits when we first arrived at the clinic. He’s measuring about 50th percentile on height and head, 30th on weight. Such a chub.
After measurements, though, he started to get tired as morning nap time neared. It was checking his ears that put him over the top because wax had to be cleared out. He was unhappy before he even had his shots.
Poor little man has croup and an ear infection. That meant that he stayed with me all day since daycare says no until 24 hours of antibiotics has passed.
We “celebrated” some extra time together by meeting up with family at Red Butte Gardens. Did you know they have an awesome children’s area? Dom will love that when he’s walking. We played there, Dom slept some in his stroller, we fed the ducks, and it was perfect weather.





One comment

  1. Poor fella! 😦 I started nursing during shots since they only hollered a little bit. Soo sad.:( Sounds like it ended up being a nice day.


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