My First Mother’s Day


I’ve celebrated Mother’s Day for many years, but this year was my first as an actual Mum. It was a tiring day, but still filled with many blessings, mostly in the form of a husband and son.

The day began nice and early when Dom decided he was up and at ’em at 5:30 a.m. This is too early for me. But to be honest, everything is too early for me. When it comes to mornings, we are not friends. Dom loves mornings. I love him. This does not equate to me loving mornings, but that is okay. I assumed it would be like most Sundays where Nathan would go off to meetings at 6:30 a.m. (I am not envious of that at all) and Dom and I would stay behind to take our time getting ready for church at 9:00. Thankfully, though, Nathan didn’t have meetings so he did a truly kind thing and took Dom so that I could TAKE A NAP! Glorious.

Once we found our way to church, Dom smiled at all of the old ladies. He’s pretty good at that. He enjoyed being fussy during sacrament meeting and of course, his fussiest time was while Nathan was giving a mother’s day talk. Dom fell asleep at about the same time that Nathan said, “amen.” Despite that, I was able to hear the majority of it and appreciated his message. Good man, that husband of mine.

After church, we enjoyed a Sunday walk. It was warm and sunny and the stroller had some nice shade for little man. We wandered around an apartment complex nearby because I always wondered what was back there. I found two handicapped men making a fire in a barbecue area, a bunch of kids on a playground behind one of the buildings, and an apartment with snowflakes and a picture of Christ hanging in the window. Makes sense. All of it.


Sunday dinner was at my parents’ where we enjoyed celebrating mothers and also Mick’s birthday. Good food, good people, and Dom loves being around all of his family.

After dinner, we took Dom home to make his own incredibly delicious dinner of oatmeal mixed with breast milk. He ate it while we Skyped with Mom and Dad Elkins. One day he’ll figure out that he’s talking to his Grandma and Papa instead of watching TV. Then he’ll be all smiles.

That was our fun filled mother’s day. Every day my list of gratitude continues to grow. On mother’s day, I was most thankful for: Nathan and how much he helps out when he is able; our ward family; my family’s good health; Dom’s smiles; a sunny day; extended family and all of their help with Dom; and technology to help us keep in touch with family far away.

So how did you celebrate your mother’s day? Was it as awesome as waking up in the morning to a smile like this (even if it is 5:30 a.m.)?


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