Front Porch Lounging


Today at work, it was a typical day of meetings, emails and managing expectations.
After work, I went to daycare to pick up little man. He was in one of the swings, happy and content, just up from a nap.
As we left, several teachers had to say goodbye to him, getting him to smile and laugh while chatting to him in spanish. He loved the attention.
At home, we sat on the porch for dinner. I barbecued some chicken and peppers, Dom enjoyed oatmeal. He let me snap a picture while he was smiling in his high chair outside.
I blew bubbles for him. The wind was picking up and sometimes I could hold out the wand and let the wind blow bubbles. Pogi sat outside with us.
My neighbor, Tiffany walked by so we talked about infants. Her son is a couple of weeks younger than Dom. He won’t sleep without being swaddled. Dom does. He rolls over. Dom doesn’t. Anymore. They’re both happy kids.
After dinner, it was bath time then bedtime stories. While I read him, It’s Time For Bed, Dom banged on the pages. After that, he nursed and went to sleep.
Pogi then followed me around while I filled up the humidifier and started laundry. That’s when Nathan came home…long day for him of school then more school.
And that was our day. What was your day?


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