Fight or Flight in the Bath


Try to imagine: you’re lounging in the bath, enjoying the bubbles and scrubbing off the day’s mess when suddenly, you are accosted by a squirting bath toy! WHAT WOULD YOU DO?

Dom’s reaction is pretty classic, although I’m not sure if his response is more of a fight or flight response. Take a look and tell me what you think:

2 thoughts on “Fight or Flight in the Bath

  1. haha poor li’l guy. so hard to gauge fight vs flight reaction at this age when neither are really an option. I’d like to think he’s fighting though. He strikes me as a bold young man who would never back down, even when faced with terrifying squirt monsters.


  2. that was the best use of Strauss Thus Sprach that I have heard in years!! why be cartoonist…move straight to movie trailers!! (you/”The Holiday’/Cameron Diaz…totally interchangeable!!)


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