Swimming and Giggling

Imagine a nice, but slightly chilly Saturday. That’s what we were dealing with and it just seemed like perfect swimming weather. Indoor swimming. Of course. We met up with cousins at Fairmont’s pool. It was happy, fun, good times. The downside, though, is that I forgot I had brought my camera until after Dom fell asleep from his swimming workout and Thaina’s family had left. Worry you not, though, internet: we have an awesome video of the Thaina kids (Hobbes and Alice) entertaining Dom until he fell over laughing so hard. I just DARE you to try watching it without laughing along.




And this fabulous video from Monday night at my parents’. Can you watch without a smile busting out on your lovely face? Go ahead and TRY.




  1. lol. that’s some adorable footage you managed to get of your little man. Good to see that he’s still taking quite swimmingly to..uh..swimming. 🙂


  2. I think the solutions to the world’s problems can be found in a giggling baby. It is one of THE BEST sounds ever. Also, I love the slow fall. Tip…tip…and we’re down.


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