Favorite Toys – 80s Toys Rocked the Kasbah

Driving to daycare, Dom and I listen to music. This morning, it was a Mormon Tabernacle Choir CD (carried over from General Conference weekend) and I made him listen to Come Thou Fount twice with me. It will become his favorite, too. He has no choice in this. I am an overbearing mother when it comes to choice of music for an infant son.

After I dropped him off, I switched over to talk radio. Usually it’s KSL, but this morning, the local news had a commercial so I flipped over to NPR just in time for this question:

‘What is your favorite childhood toy?”

What’s yours?

Can you narrow it down to just one toy?

I could not, which is good because, you know me: I like lists. Here’s my childhood toy list:

Fisher Price Ride-along Horse: This was by far my favorite toy in preschool and kindergarten. I dragged my horse behind me around the neighborhood and taught it to do tricks by flipping off of the curb. It was a talented horse. It ran off and joined the circus. I missed it dearly.

Jinx, the toughest G.I. Joe with boobs: I loved G.I. Joes and this was the toy of choice when I played with my neighbor, Nate Jensen. We often played with them down in the “green room,” the basement bedroom with green carpet, green walls, a green built-in armoire, and even the exposed pipes running along the ceiling painted green. We built forts in this room, with blankets that were not green, and hosted Joe adventures inside. Jinx always led my group. The other Joes just weren’t as tough as she was nor were their leadership qualities as well developed. She went on to be president of a small, sovereign nation. I taught her all she knew.

Mapletown Danny and Donny: Mapletown toys were HOT back in my youth. I owned several families and a school house. They were all pretty awesome, these little anthropomorphized animals running around on two legs and at least partially clothed, but the AWESOMEST were the dog brothers: Danny and Donny. Usually, there was some kind of town disaster and the only ones that could save them all were these two brothers. They went on to make a movie about them: Warrior.

Blacktron Legos: I owned small sets of numerous lego collections from pirates to forestmen, but the original Blacktron sets took the cake. Little cars, spaceships, and spacemen donning helmets with all black visors: clearly the ruling class in a building-block universe. I was a sad little girl when they changed the next edition of the sets and gave them fluorescent green visors. Not cool.

Micro Machines: Tiny little vehicles, with surprisingly good detail, and easily swallowed, are RAD toys for children. My brother, Thane, had a large set of connecting city pieces (car wash, airport, gas station, convenience store, park, etc) that made these toys even sweeter. I think I had to be nice to him in order to play with them. I owned a coveted TROPHY set. I mean, it was sweet: a figher jet, lambourghini and jetboat with beautiful, matching paint jobs. One winter, I sent the boat on an adventure in the gutter. It went under the icy snow pile near the edge of the driveway and didn’t come out. Several days later, I was able to recover it (after some snow melt and help from a stronger male family member wielding a snow shovel). It had frozen into the icy gutter bottom. I was so happy to have my precious boat back. Crisis averted.

That’s my list. What’s on yours?

One comment

  1. I love toys! I still love toys. Sometimes all I want to do is play with Dom’s toys. Pogi’s toys would be ok, but he ruins them too quickly, plus that cat is a bit selfish. He’s not really the sharing type.

    I collected Ninja Turtles, GI Joes, and Lego Pirates. That’s pretty similar to some of your choices. But then I remembered another toy that I collected that I hadn’t already told you about… Monsters in My Pocket! I had every single one of them, and I even owned the special orange one that you only got when you bought the Nintendo game. I was the envy of everyone at school. They didn’t call me the cat’s pajamas for nothing.


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