Gettin’ Old Little Man

Remember how it was 72 degrees last week? Remember how we started to get excited for spring? Remember how this is FOOLISH and the poor plants that fall for this cruel trick FREEZE TO DEATH? You do? Good job then. Nice memory.

It’s kind of funny, I suppose, that one of the reasons I tell people I love living in Utah is because we get four seasons. It makes me wonder: if the season of spring only manages to show up for about two weeks after the last snow and before 100 degrees hits, does that really counts as a full season? What do you think? Perhaps we only have 3.14 seasons. We have pi seasons. I love Utah because it has pi seasons. Good reasoning.

snowThis was what the day looked like for us: a nice dusting of snow. The temperatures were in the 30’s so last week’s 70’s seemed only like a vague dream. What a good dream it was.

I’m pretty sure that Dom was confused when I pulled out his fleece again. He certainly must have thought, after last week, that he would get to bust out shorts or start running around in only his diapers now. That kid was EXCITED, I tell you what. And then this morning, he watched as I reached into the closet and pulled out his blue, full-body coat. He sighed.

Once I had him all bundled up, we braved the chilly snowflakes that landed on our eyelashes as we hurried out to the car. We were off, but not to daycare today. We were off to the clinic for Dom’s dreaded four-month appointment. I’m pretty sure that last night, he could SENSE the imminent shots and therefore, did not sleep well. I don’t blame him. Nobody wants to get jabbed and vaccinated. I had my tetanus shot a few months back and am NOT A FAN. (Flu shots, we can be friends, but definitely not the cruel tetanus and I.)

Here’s what we learned at the doc’s today: Dom weighs 13 lbs 8 ounces, putting him in the 26th percentile. That’s a good percentile, wouldn’t you agree? His head is 27th percentile and for length, he’s 50th. He’s a healthy kiddo. I was glad to see this because he struggled with the bottle for about two weeks when he started daycare.

dom_sleepingAnd then poor little guy had his shots. He screamed and I felt bad and the medical assistants felt bad, and really, nobody was enjoying this moment. Even if Pogi had come with us, he would not have enjoyed it one bit either. After nursing, we drove home, and he was OUT within minutes of getting in the car. I put him down in his crib still in his fleece. See? He’s out. Shots will do that to ya.

I love my little man more each day and now that we are starting to get to know his personality, we are having so much fun. He’s a very happy kid, quick to smile at everyone (which the old ladies at church love), has a great giggle, and is very proud of his butt chin. I think he likes it because it means his mom will let him say the word, butt. Ha. Butt chin. Of course my little kid can say that.

He and Pogi really are good friends. He watches the cat whenever he’s around and this morning, as I buckled him into his car seat, I asked him where his kitty was. I am pretty sure that he looked around until he found him. Pogi was sitting on top of the desk and when Dom saw him, he smiled and watched him while I finished buckling. Pogi tries to help all of the time, with diaper changes, folding laundry, playing with toys, and reading books. I’ll tell you, my friends, it’s pretty adorable when Pogi rubs his face against Dom’s hand and that brings a big smile for little man. We like happiness! We live after its manner. Happy four months, son!


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