A Couple of Firsts

Friday was a day of some firsts for Dom. Imagine that: Dom did some things for the first time. Wow. He’s four months old and that boy has LIVED.

Okay, so many of the things that he does each day are firsts. And it’s the best, as his mom, to experience those with him. When it’s your own kid, it’s amazing to you: LOOK HE’S EATING HIS HANDS! YAY, DOM, YOU YOU’RE DROOLING ALL OVER!

The best.

Our two firsts for him on Friday were swimming lessons and hiking. Gotta start them young on the path to healthy living!

dom_swimSwimming lessons took place during my lunch break. I picked Dom up from daycare and headed over to Holladay where they have a nice indoor pool that they keep around 90 degrees. After checking in, we took a lovely tour which ended in the women’s changing room where Dom put on two swim diapers. I took a picture of course because he has the CUTEST swim diapers. We love buying reusable and we found these online at honest.com. I am a fan. Then we picked up some cute swim trunks at Old Navy. Took a picture, of course. And now we’re all set for class.

Side note: they had one more opening for the class so I called Maren and she grabbed Campbie Joe from his crib and hustled their bustles over to join us. Yay for swimming cousins.

I wondered how the infant swimming class would go. Dom loves baths, but this is a different story. He did great. He went under water several times, no tears. He floated on his back (me holding him up) and was relaxed. By the end of class, he enjoyed resting his head on my shoulder, floating around on his back, and sucking on his hands. He’s going to be my little fish.

We’ve had some gorgeous weather lately (72 degrees the other day), which means we’re due for another storm. There’s snow in the forecast tomorrow. Thank you, Utah.

I wanted to get outside while we still had the chance so Friday evening, Nathan and I picked up Dom from daycare (he went back after swimming and I went back to work), and drove up the canyon. We went for a nice hike up Millcreek. Nathan and I took turns carrying Dom and trying not to slip on the sections that had packed-down snow. We met plenty of folks with their dogs and even chatted briefly with a woman who flew to Nepal to get her two dogs.

Dom took his evening nap while I was carrying him so he missed the view part way up the trail where we decided it was time to turn around. It was a good family outing and we burned some calories before we stopped at Training Table for dinner to negate all our exercise with CHEESE fries. Hooray for Family time.


3 thoughts on “A Couple of Firsts

  1. so its going to be one of THOSE kinds of blogs now…


    i dont know what im going to do now that Google Reader is going to go the way of the Dodo. Color me disappointed RSS was too complex for 2013.


  2. he looks so happy in his little ergo. hikes with babies are the best. and that’s awesome that he loves swimming so much already….this little guy is in for lots of adventuring, it would seem. 🙂


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