Sun and “Warmth”

Winter. You’ve been long, cold and snowstormy this year.

So snowstormy.

On Friday, as I ran some errands on my lunch break, I opened the sun roof. After several lengthy months of no use, it opened like a charm. The springish air came into the car. If only I knew this weather would last, living in this grand state. But having lived here in the springtime all of my life, I will not be fooled. Winter will show up again just after the flowers start blooming and FREEZE THEM ALL TO DEATH.

I love Utah.

But if it weren’t for the cold winter, filled with a plethora of blizzards this year, I wouldn’t appreciate days like Saturday as much. The sun came out and it was warm–Utah in March warm.

Nathan went to the priesthood meeting for Stake Conference, so Dom and I went on an outing to Sugarhouse Park. Hundreds of people were there already, sledding in the sun, feeding the ducks around the icy pond, playing on the playgrounds, and walking or running laps around the park. We strollered it up and joined the walk lappers. Dom slept for half of it, then smiled up at me for the second half. Both of us had plenty of reasons to smile. Sun does you good.

Did you get out and enjoy the sun while we had it?



One comment

  1. Out and about on a warm day with a happy baby; You can’t ask for more than that. 🙂 I wrapped li’l Biscuits to my back and we all headed out for a short walk as well. lol at, “Winter will show up again just after the flowers start blooming and FREEZE THEM ALL TO DEATH.” so true.


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