Welcome to the decade of your 30s, husband of mine.

Nathan hit the big three-oh milestone and we celebrated by being sick together. Thankfully we are recovering and felt well enough to go out to dinner. This dinner was so fancy, I felt out of place wearing a slightly bulky sweater and still trotting around in maternity pants (they don’t quite fit but neither do my pre-pregnancy pants so we’re in the land of nothing-fits for a while).

Delectable would be an appropriate word for our dinner: elk carppaccio, bison steak, duck, maple crème brulee and goat cheese cake. We enjoyed a romantic evening at the Log Haven. They surprised us with a candle in the cheese cake—well done fancy pants restaurant, well done.


The best part was spending some time with my husband where neither of us were handing off a child to change a diaper. Thanks to Grandmer for taking our happy little Dom so we could enjoy the dinner together.

Back in 2010, on our very first date together (one of those super awesome blind dates), the conversation was superb. It included plenty of humor, delving questions, interesting commentary and even a bit of scholarly discussion. We are a nice mix of quirky, intelligent, and thoughtful folk.

After just over two years of marriage (and about half a year of dating), we still make for very interesting dinner conversations. We covered everything from siblings and their spouses, to what type of person Dom might become, to cooking and soccer. Our smorgasborg of chatting topics was as good as the fancy spread from the restaurant.

It was a great reminder that I married an incredible man. He makes me feel smart and funny, even when I really feel a bit foggy from the lingering sickness. Dom is a lucky child, I tell you!


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