Sickness All Around

Cold? Check.

Strep? Check.

Stomach flu? Check.

If you want to catch one of these three sicknesses, feel free to stop by our house. Dom, Mom and Dad are all having a rough Sunday.

Poor Dom’s been dealing with his stuffy nose for about a week now. His sleep hasn’t been the best. Poor little man can’t just blow his nose to clear it up. Worry not, though. We’ve been helping him out with our snot sucker. Yep. That’s right. We’ve got ourselves a NoseFrida snot sucker to help clear his poor stuffy nose. It helps some.

I realized, sometime between one of the times that I got up with Dom last night, that I probably had a fever because I was freezing under our down comforter. Around 6:00 a.m., after clearing Dom’s stuffy nose, I checked my temperature: 100.8. How fun! After nursing Dom and putting him back in his crib, I went into the bathroom where Nathan was getting ready for church.

“Can you stay home and help please?”

Yep. And then he came down with his stomach bug. What a superb day! Thankfully, Dom has yet to run a fever. Hopefully Mom and Dad wash our hands enough that he doesn’t get one. I’d MUCH rather deal with strep myself than feel helpless with a sick baby. Clearing his stuffy nose makes him cry and then I feel bad.

Last I checked, Pogi is still healthy. Well done, cat.

I am SO ready for spring.


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