One Month Closer To Spring

dom_patagoochDom, it would seem, didn’t mind the cold and snow one bit. Life’s just peachy when your mom bundles you up and carries you everywhere. But I’m thankful to leave the month of January behind.

I’m pretty sure that January is the longest month in the year. I know the calendar might SAY that it’s only 31 days, but it’s lying. It’s more like 45. Trust me. 45 long, slow, cold and dark days. It’s been nice though to have some smiles from the wee babe to brighten the day. And we both get excited when Nathan gets home. Hooray, dad! So are you excited to be done with January and bring on the month of February? At least this month has two holidays and is really, truly a short month. Hip hip pooray.

I don’t know how true these are, but a friend posted some info on Facebook about how cold and snowy Utah’s January has been. Correction: I just went and looked them up and came across them on the National Weather Service’s website and we all know those official websites cannot lie. (I could have just erased that previous sentence and told you I had some facts from the National Weather Service, but instead I typed lots of excessive words.) Here’s what they said about January in Salt Lake:

Wow, best month ever!


One thought on “One Month Closer To Spring

  1. I concur. Every January we start looking at jobs and homes in southern Utah and AZ. My SAD is the worst in Jan too. I think we should go in on a yearly trip down south during Jan!


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