It’s Pouring

I know that these problems are fleeting, but for posterity, I’m going to list them here so I can always remember how much fun life is sometimes:

  1. We have problems with my car, a hose broken, it’s making noises, not sure what it is, but so excited to take it in and find out.
  2. Dom got confused and thought that last EVENING was sleeping time instead of last NIGHT; Nathan helped out thankfully, but certainly tired today.
  3. Our disposal is dripping from somewhere.
  4. This morning, Nathan found water dripping from our ceiling in the kitchen. There’s a leak somewhere upstairs. They can’t seem to find it. We get to watch for it leaking again and call again.
  5. A main water line broke in our complex (don’t know the details) so they’ve shut off water to all of the buildings. I’ve been washing my hands with what’s left in my water bottle. Might actually have to break into the water storage in the back of our kitchen cupboard if it’s not fixed before too long.
  6. Nathan has a school community council meeting tonight so probably not getting home until 9:00 or later.

On the flip side:

  1. The upstairs neighbor is a very nice woman who has texted me updates all day, trying to be helpful about the leak.
  2. Opa came and watched Dom this morning so I could have my first haircut since I was 3 months pregnant! I donated some of my hair and now have a “mommy haircut.”
  3. Dom was full of smiles when he woke up and saw my new hair.
  4. I CAN’T do any dishes right now, sigh. No water, no washing things.
  5. Saw blue skies today.
  6. It’s warm inside.

What about you? Is it raining and pouring for you or do you have blue skies?


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