You Look So Different With All Of That Weight

Dom had his two month appointment. At his two week, he was in the 3rd percentile for weight. Our doc was a wee bit worried about his weight gain. I kept thinking about how it felt like all I was doing was nursing, but that was far from an easy task. Plus, he had a tongue tie so that wasn’t helping either of us. We had that fixed when he was four weeks old. It was sad to see his poor wound from getting the frenulum of his tongue snipped, but we knew it was for the best.

And it was: at his two month appointment, he weighed in at the 46th percentile. Nice work little man!

For his weigh in at his appointment, I carried him over to the baby scale, which, as I mentioned before, is out in the area where all of the Medical Assistants are sitting at their computers (so private!). Then just as I set him down, I removed his diaper for the naked weigh in. Dom responded by saying, thanks for lying me down here totally naked, I shall now pee on the carpet. And he shot off a golden rainbow. Nice work.

Here’s our first Dom video for this blog. Oh goody! It’s nice and short, and from a few weeks back when we were starting to get big smiles. Now we get lots of smiles all day. Is very nice.

And a random thought to share with you that I had while I was showering today: babies change a lot in how they look from the day they’re born and definitely for the first many months of their lives. We are often surprised by this. Can you imagine, though, if you saw one of your good friends, then two months later, ran into them again and he’s nearly doubled in weight since then? “Oh, hey Tom, you sure look… different.” Or bloated.

Deep thoughts in the shower, people.

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