New Year’s Resolutions

Family Resolutions:

  1. Stay in a yurt in Goblin Valley.
  2. Take family hikes: Neff’s Canyon, The Living Room, City Creek, Pioneer Trail.
  3. Make FHE with Dom a habit.
  4. Get family pictures taken.
  5. Spend some quality time at Liberty Park.
  6. Have a zoo day.
  7. Grow veggies and herbs on the porch.
  8. Have reading time.
  9. Eat healthy: less carbs, more veggies.
  10. Spend a weekend at the cabin.

Larrie Resolutions:

  1. Play outdoor soccer again.
  2. Be focused at work (despite being away from Dom).
  3. Make art: draw, paint, play the piano, take pictures.
  4. Do better at staying on top of the mail clutter.
  5. Find time to workout at least twice a week.
  6. Be a good wife: be happy, appreciate more, listen better, focus on some quality time together.
  7. Be a good mom: be happy, smile more, focus on the positives (yay, you slept for three hours instead of two!).
  8. Record my thoughts in my journal.
  9. Record family happenings in this superb blog.
  10. Be happy.

I haven’t actually set resolutions for YEARS and obviously, you can tell that I didn’t exactly get around to doing this on New Year’s day when it’s typically done. I wasn’t planning on any resolutions, but then I realized that now, I get the opportunity to start making memories and traditions with our first child. If we start now, I’m thinking, we might be able to keep it up when life gets even busier or there are more children. Only if we’ve made them traditions or priorities and I tried to make them specific goals. So here’s to setting some family priorities this year to fill it with great memories! What would you add to the list to help make great family memories? I’d love a few more suggestions.

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