Chilling In Stripes


Little D Man likes to keep his hands up by his face. This is not the best for the relationship between his face and his fingernails nor is it so much fun when trying to nurse, but when he’s just chilling on his dad’s lap, he prefers the casual rest on the fist pose. Or perhaps he’s practicing holding the phone to his ear that he’ll ask for once he gets to kindergarten. I told him he probably won’t talk on his first phone, just text, our whatever the hip thing he and his play group buddies will do in the future. He said, sure whatever mom.

One comment

  1. I love how he’s swimming in his shirt. Such a tiny li’l man. and so advanced to be practicing at using a cell phone at such a young age. ahh yes. His cousins both shared his desperate desire to always have their hands around their face. It makes for a predicament when it comes to swaddling too. These babies…


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