So Much Sleep–Good To Be Home

Do you remember in college how much sleep you got? Especially during finals week? And what did you do to stay awake? I remember one particularly difficult week of finals (which was my own fault because I procrastinated a 50-page final paper that I knew about the entire semester) where I drank many bottles of some guarana energy drink called Bawlz. It didn’t taste too bad and came in a cool, blue bottle.

Anyway, on to motherhood where my final comes after completing a full term pregnancy, but at the beginning of being a parent. I don’t think that the lack of sleep has really hit me yet, but this time around, there’s now energy drink to get through it. Instead, it’s the experience that will help me stay awake: the time spent with the new little one, getting to know him, watching how much he’s changed in just a few days, and piling up the laundry when he pees through his clothes, the swaddle, and the sheet. Thankfully I don’t have to take this final alone. Group finals are better, even though you never really can split the work evenly.



  1. Aww…such an adorable picture of Nathan with the tiny baby. Sounds like Dominic is definitely getting enough to eat if he’s peeing through everything. Reminds me of when Bears was a newborn…we had to change out his bedding at least a few times a day and finally just resigned ourselves to putting water proof fabric between him and the sheets. One thing you can try is putting him in a diaper that’s a size too big (and overlapping the tabs so that it’s tight). oh and you’re probably already doing it but just in case, pointing the penis down is essential (we learned that the hard way). There’s a good chance that you’ll just have to wait it out till he gets more chubs on his legs though…it’s just so tricky to get a good seal when they’ve got those cute li’l newborn stick legs.


  2. He is so tiny and so cute. I love his super dark hair. That is one of the first things I noticed! It is so easy to forget how tiny newborn babies are and it is amazing how much laundry these little people produce.


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