No Privacy for Babies


We went for a little outing today to visit the doc’s. They checked what you expect them to check: heart, lungs, weight, length, and good lookingness. Dom passed them all of course but do you know what they make the little guy do? Chill out totally naked on the baby scale to get his weight. Sounds cold, right? Sure. But the cherry on top is that the scale isn’t in the patient room. It’s siting out in the area where all of the medical assistants are sitting at their computers. No privacy for the little man in his nakedness. Once we got home, Pogi had to check things out for us. He didn’t make Dom get naked for his exam though. If you ask my Dad, this looks like a cat scan. That’s right. Cat scan. The results: Pogi hissed. He’s still adjusting.

One thought on “No Privacy for Babies

  1. Oh no. I’m so sorry to hear about the negative results on his cat scan. Hopefully the subsequent ones will go better. And Biscuits just got to experience first hand the indignity of a public, nude weigh-in as well so he can really empathize with his little cousin. At our old clinic, they were satisfied with a dry diaper which I thought was much less scandalous.


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