This Moment

With my due date about a week away, it’s very possible that this could be my very last Friday working for a few months. Finally. So here is what I am doing right now (besides typing this up):

I am propped up on pillows on the bed in an attempt to be somewhat comfortable, but have learned that this is no longer possible this late in pregnancy. Sitting in a swimming pool is the only truly comfortable thing. I have the laptop propped up on a green riser on my lap. I left the bedroom light turned off and the curtains closed. This makes it feel wintry even though the snow is melting in the 40 degree sun outside. I can hear the traffic out the window and the noises from the pavement company that is patching our parking lot. It smells like hot tar, not pleasant. I have the lamp, sitting on the dresser next to me, turned on and its light just barely reaches across the laptop keyboard. Pogi is curled up on the blanket next to me, his back legs pulled up over his nose to keep the light or cold or noise or smell of the tar out perhaps.

In the other room, we have the crib set up and waiting. We have the changing table, clothes in the closets, diapers in the dresser drawers, blankets folded… and waiting. And that is what we are doing. Waiting.

I don’t just sit around all day doing nothing. Work has been incredibly busy between too many emails and meeting after meeting. Nathan has been getting home very late from meetings at school. So we’re both tired. But even in the middle of the busyness of life, I am simply waiting for the biggest change of my life, the biggest challenge, but from what I hear, also the biggest reward. I am truly overwhelmed with emotions when I think about this upcoming birth. And that is what I am thinking about in this moment. Shortly, I will go back to emails and reports and quite possibly my last Friday working for several months. Deep breath.


2 thoughts on “This Moment

  1. ohh boy. it’s so exciting that it’s just about time for that cute tiny baby to come out. get ready for the time warp (and not the cool one that involves drag queens and Halloween. or something. I never actually saw Rocky Horror). You wouldn’t think that it’s possible, but time keeps slowing down at an exponential rate. By the time you actually go into labor, things like completing a single sentence will seem to take roughly 3 hours. at least that’s how it was for me.


  2. Best of luck, my friend. I’m excited for you. And I know that waiting game all too well. My first came 9 days early, and Rohan arrived ON his due date, but my little Ella was 11 days late, and Brynja 8 days late. THAT is some waiting that just about kills you. 🙂 This is probably not an encouraging course for the conversation.

    You’ll be fantastic parents. Looking forward to pictures of baby boy Elkins SOON!!! ♥


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