“We” Voted. Did You?

I stopped by a nearby elementary school this morning on the way home from a doc appointment to vote. It was a good decision because I voted and I didn’t find any long lines, just me and the old people.

I took this picture because I thought it would be a cute or fun way to show off my voting sticker, but in all reality, I feel a little uncomfortable about it. It is definitely an adjustment to have my body change so much through pregnancy. I hardly have any pictures of me pregnant, but now I have this one with just a few weeks left and feeling excited for the end.

What I wonder is whether or not we’ll even know the outcome of this election by the time this baby is born. What do you think? Actually, I don’t want to know what you think because I’m not looking for political comments on this blog. Instead, I want to make sure you remembered to vote. And then, a different question for you: when do you guess this little boy will actually show up? The official EDD is November 24th.

4 thoughts on ““We” Voted. Did You?

  1. You are an adorable prego lady. I have few pics to document any of my pregnancies and I plan to keep it that way 😉 I am going to go with being a statistical outlier and say smack dab on your due date. I did it. You can too! Good luck with the final stretch. You are almost there!


  2. I was wondering when you would post a prego pic. You have a cute belly! I can’t believe the end is so near and you will finally meet your little man. My guess is Nov. 20th


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