There’s Even Sugar in Tums

At work, they’ve started a wellness incentive where we track our sugar intake for two weeks. Sounds like a good thing to try and work on, right?

So I wrote down that I had a bowl of Frosted Mini Wheats this morning, 22 grams of sugar.

Then I grabbed my yogurt for my snack and looked on the side: Vanilla Yoplait Yogurt, 26 grams of sugar!


If my HEALTHY, PLAIN yogurt had that much sugar in it, then I was going to finish the day strong. I ate lasagna for lunch and followed that up with a Butterfinger candy bar, 8.5 grams and a granola bar, 11 grams. Then my end-of-the-work-day snack was GOING to be another yogurt, but instead, I went for the tapioca pudding. Take that sugar tracker: 30 grams.

97.5 grams of sugar for the day, pre-dinner. How much have you eaten?


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