Stay Away From Fiber One

Today, I was teleworking. I logged onto the network this morning, then went and poured a bowl of Fiber One cereal for breakfast.

Bad idea.

The worst.

Within a half an hour, I spent some quality time in the bathroom, ridding it from my system. I thought I could blame this one on pregnancy, but it seemed like I could blame it on breakfast. I emailed Nathan to see how he liked the cereal when he had a bowl earlier in the week.


He was sick that day.

Not funny actually.

So I am warning you: do not eat Fiber One cereal. It will not only make you gassy, but it will make you sick if you do not treat it like a misbehaving student and expel it right away.

You’ve been warned.

I will give the rest of our box to my arch nemesis and my next breakfast will be a bowl of Cinnamon Toasters instead. Mmm, cereal in a giant bag.


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