Forgetful Wednesday

After leaving the house for work this morning, I realized that I had forgotten to grab my work laptop.

Stop. Go back. Duh me.

Now I’m going to be late and am worried I may even miss my morning meeting that I’m in charge of, so I briefly think, “this morning, I’m going to take my chances and speed to work.”

But then I don’t. At least not more than 3 or 4 mph over the limit.

As I’m cruising through Sugarhouse, this black Mazda whips past me. We both turn the corner driving up past the park and towards Highland High School and then I think, “I could follow that guy and hopefully he would get the ticket if there’s a cop around.” But then I don’t. And I watch as he races up the street, getting to his morning meeting on time.

Wait. Nope. Out of a side street busts a motorcycle cop, lights flashing and the Mazda gets pulled over. Eventually, I drive past, going just a tiny bit over the speed limit, not getting pulled over. I made it to work with a minute to spare before my meeting starts and no ticket.

And there was much rejoicing.

Until I realized that I forgot to put on deodorant today. Sigh.

I’m wondering what else I might forget. This is becoming a trend. Debbie, my coworker, said that when she was pregnant, she got out of her car and forgot to turn it off. I haven’t done that. Yet.



  1. It’s cool. I forget something every single day. I don’t even remember half the things my students tell me. Not that any of it is of any use, but that’s not really the point. And Pogi forgets to come greet me when I come home. Lazy animal. Or is he? Maybe he just forgets… alas, the world will never know.


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