Do You Eat Your Spinach?

I shower every day. I always wear clean clothes.

I don’t always put on makeup or do much with my hair. It would seem that I’m not keen on trying to impress my coworkers with anything other than being clean.

Of course, back in my dating days, I would try a little harder on the days when I knew I was going to see Nathan. Or, I would take some makeup with me to work and put some on at some point in the day. Oh, and by saying “put on makeup” I really mean some face lotion and mascara. It’s women like me that keep Sephora in business (and yet I love that store, funny).

After getting married, you see your spouse and your spouse sees you at your best and worst so there’s no tricking them with some makeup. Nathan soon learned that I really don’t like to do my hair. I, of course, like how it looks when it’s done or curled or something along those lines. But, oh the effort. Sigh.


Thinking back on being pregnant, I realize that I have married a saint who still kisses me and tells me that he loves me even though he’s seen me plenty of times leaning over a toilet, dinner coming back up. Or he’s heard me attempt to breathe when sinuses are more clogged than the drain of my freshman dorm room. Turns out, when you can’t use Sudafed or the good nasal sprays, those nasal passages just won’t clear up. Or he doesn’t mind when his wife doesn’t necessarily act ladylike and—dare I admit this to all of the internet?!—pass gas. Gasp.

So last night, some of my dinner came out through my nose (surprise attack) and that stung for at least the next hour. Pleasant! Let me tell you: you have not lived life until you blow your nose and there is spinach on the tissue. Ha.

Anyway, we climbed into bed and Nathan put his arm around me and comforted me. I felt better even though physically I did not. I really appreciate this about him—that he always kisses me goodbye in the morning, kisses me hello after work and kisses me goodnight.

These things are good.

Spinach in your nose is not.


5 thoughts on “Do You Eat Your Spinach?

  1. Nurturing and loving husbands are the best. THE BEST!

    When I was pregnant with Mac, I was eating Cheerios and I had a surprise attack of nausea/vomiting too. I was not to the toilet when the initial heave arrived and therefore had to suppress said heave just enough to make it to said toilet. And it came out my nose too. When I was all puked out (and Dustin held my hair out of the way) I discovered that I had a Cheerio lodged in the space between my throat and my nostrils and I PANICKED! It wouldn’t blow out nor snort “in’. I couldn’t move it.

    Lucky for me, my husband is an ex-partier and had a great deal of experience with throwing up, including things being lodged in strange places. He brought me a large glass of water and told me to snort it. It flushed the Cheerio right into my throat and I coughed it (gagged, really) right into the toilet. It was a perfectly whole Cheerio. Lovely.

    Now do you want to go throwup again after my story? Sorry. Probably TMI.


    1. And you saved that cheerio to put in Mac’s baby book right? Hahaha.

      I’ve decided that the market is just dying for a book full of pregnancy stories: What To Really Expect When You’re Expecting.


  2. Oh. You have a good husband. It makes life so much easier. And even when you still feel sick or feel like you don’t look so great it is not as if your husband can make it all go away. But it does make it so much better to have someone love and support you at these times. It makes everything almost perfect.


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