Wisdom Teeth

I’ve been thinking today about my senior year of high school when I had my wisdom teeth removed. I remember having to schedule it in between the end of a fall basketball league and before tryouts started for the high school team.  I
was a little worried about this because I needed to be in good shape for tryouts and didn’t look forward to taking a week off from activity. It was my senior year so I had to set the example of working hard for the younger girls. Or something.
Also, the day that I had my wisdom teeth removed was the same day we had to finalize the layout for the weekly school newspaper. I had to write up captions for pictures and get my layout finished for the sports section. So many worries in high school, ha.
Mom took Maren and I to the oral surgeon that morning. I remember asking the doc about my jaw that had hurt for the last year and finding out I had dislocated it…a year ago. Good one. Then, to sleep for surgery. As I woke up, I was climbing into the front seat of our van and Mom was helping Maren lie down on the first bench behind me. On the way home she bled all over a t-shirt under her cheek. Later that day, I went to school so I could get my stuff done for the paper. Maren was in bed feeling nauseous.
We went to a movie that night and I snuck some popcorn. Don’t tell the surgeon. We went to Nielsen’s for custard after and I ordered a cookie dough shake.
I’m not sure why I remember all of those random details but I was lucky to have a pretty easy recovery.
Today, in fact right this moment, I am sitting in a waiting room while Nathan is getting two of his wisdom teeth removed (his other two were removed when he was a teenager). Reading over the post op info, I realize that this is crappy for him: bleeding, swelling, pain killers, ice packs and a liquid diet. How jealous are you?
What was it like when you got your wisdom teeth out?


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