Still Alive, Still Pregnant, Still Sick Sometimes, Still Just Grand

It’s not that there haven’t been plenty of things going on to blog about (other than being sick thanks to baby boy). It’s more that when I get a short break at work now, where I used to write up something on the ol’ blog, now I go eat something or lie down for a few minutes. You know, priorities change. Currently the priorities seem to be revolving around having food on me at all times. Who knows when I’ll need to eat NOW. Pregnancy is super fun!

Let me throw up a few pictures that I grabbed off of my cell phone of some of the happenings these days in the world of the Elkinseseses.

Littlest brother, James, was married to his lovely wife, Jasmine in the Salt Lake Temple. This is one of my favorite pictures because look at him and his two grandmas! How fabulous are those two ladies?

And here’s my handsome husband hanging out with the Tabernacle glare, followed by my buddy, Tess, who wanted to sit around and hug me while we were waiting for pictures–just one of the many loving nieces and nephews in my fam.

And last, how about some animal pictures for your viewing delight? Sure, why not. Pogi’s been lounging around the house, not doing much but posing in between games of fetch. And then, we have my new coworker. This deer stopped by work the other day just around 5:00 pm so only a few of us were there to say hello. He wasn’t particularly scared of me, but the trick is, there’s a window in between us.


  1. That picture of James and Jasmine at the temple is really a great one! I love it. Just keep eating, eating, eating. It will make you feel much better and make you feel like a pig all at the same time, but better a pig than sick. At least that is my experience.


    1. thanks, it definitely helps to keep on eating and yep, you feel like a pig… I’m just still trying to figure out what foods are “safe” to eat and what will not go down (or up) well


  2. ugh. the sick/needing to eat all the time feeling is so gross. that picture of you and the deer is pretty rad. although it should be said that you were a fool to reveal the fact that there was a window separating you. I was at least 43% less amazed after reading that part.


  3. Eating all the time did get really annoying and I hated trying to figure out what “sounded” good to eat at that moment. I can’t imagine feeling sick too. It sounds like my sickness was nothing compared to yours.


    1. It’s so true… it’s hard to figure out what “sounds” good. I think it drives Nathan nuts because I can’t answer the simple question, “what do you want for dinner?”


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