Some Things Pregnancy Has Taught Me

Just a quick list I thought of at the end of my work day.

  1. Mothers are AMAZING.
  2. The soap in our bathrooms at work stinks.
  3. I took my low heart rate for granted (when working out).
  4. Nathan is a saint.
  5. Pogi feels bad when I am puking (as seen in my cartoon).
  6. 11-year old primary kids are suddenly irritating.
  7. People have funny stories about how they came up with their child’s name*.
  8. I hate forgetting simple things like WORDS.
  9. I hear that amnesia helps you do this again.
  10. Hearing our little baby’s heartbeat (as “fishy” as it sounded) was an incredible experience; looking forward to more incredible experiences.

*One that I thought particularly funny was my friend Gordon’s story about hearing some guy call into a radio station and said his name was “Svennnnnn.” This guy had so much fun saying his name and Gordon had been looking for a good Scandinavian name for his son so that’s what he went with. His son was 5 months old!


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