I Can’t Eat Cookie Dough, Just A Little Change

No Eating Cookie DoughHow delicious is cookie dough?

Are you like me–do you sometimes think that it tastes better than the actual baked cookie?

Well, turns out when one is pregnant, there are a list of things you don’t get to eat anymore. I don’t remember exactly what they other no-no’s are. I heard, “no more cookie dough,” and that’s all that I heard. Sigh.

So I guess this is my official, “we’re expecting” post. I don’t know what to say because for some reason, I’m experiencing writer’s block.

It’s kind of a big deal.

I have so so much more respect for mother’s now. How do you do this? And how do you do this more than once?

How do you name a child? I couldn’t even name any of the pet cats I’ve had in my life (Jarv named Nappy, Thane named Minyo and Pete named Pogi).

Big thanks to Nathan for putting up with me these past 3 months. Big thanks.

Bring on Thanksgiving.



  1. that sad cookie monster is pretty brilliant. I guess if you’re feeling real sad about the cookie dough you could always head on down to whole foods and get some fancy vegan cookie dough. sounds like something that they’d have. ohh and there’s always ben and jerry’s half baked ice cream that’s full of cookie dough. I sure hope that doesn’ t have eggs in it since I managed to just about polish off a pint today. hmm


  2. Hey, wait a minute, I thought I left a comment on here! Stupid internet.

    Anyway, about the cookie dough? I admit to myself that there is no chance I’ll be baking cookies, and make mine without eggs. I use a bit of milk instead to get the right consistency. The sugar always gave me heartburn during pregnancy, but that was a small price to pay 🙂

    And also. . . CONGRATULATIONS! So exciting!! How are you feeling?


  3. I have a cookie dough recipe you could eat. It’s sugar cookies and it’s SOOOO yummy. No eggs, so pregnant mommy approved!!! I’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to eat sushi either. That was a sad time for me. I LOVE sushi.

    But really what I wanted to say was… HOLY CRAPAMOLY!!!! That’s awesome. I’m so happy for you guys! Yay for November. Can’t wait to hear lots of stuff about all things pregnancy and baby. ♥♥♥


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