Teacher Appreciation Week

Did you appreciate teachers this week? Did you know that was this week? Here are a few of my favorite teachers:

  1. Mrs. Adams, my first grade teacher: she taught me to write my name in Chinese characters and we went to a typing class once a week. That’s right. Typing. In first grade. On typewriters. My goal was 20 wpm by the end of the school year.
  2. Mrs. Gibbs, third grade: she let me eat snacks out of her snack drawer one day when I got sick at school and had to wait for Grumma Campbell to come and pick me on. She also let me do the seating chart for the entire class with my friend, Ally Baldwin. On the flip side, I think she may have been my brother, Jarv’s most disliked teacher.
  3. Mrs. Lake, my English teacher in 9th and 11th grade: I always said that I hated English and loved Math, but I secretly enjoyed English when Mrs. Lake taught. In 9th grade, she opened my eyes to better ways to keep track of all of the characters in the multiple novels I usually read. In 11th grade, I finally learned to clean up my writing when my use of adverbs and the passive voice made things drag.
  4. Angie, my 10th grade and 12th grade math teacher and my basketball coach: she had the biggest impact on my high school “career”, even though in AP Calculus, she gave me an F at midterm. I’m sure her goal was exactly what happened: get me to come in for a conference with her (just me, not my parents because I didn’t tell them I had an F) and make a plan for the rest of the year. I never missed that class after that and even passed the AP test with flying colors. Oh yeah, and she gave me an A for my final grade. I called her up when I was in college and had declared myself an English major. She tried to talk me into being a Math major. I knew I couldn’t be a teacher like her so I didn’t want to even try to go that route.
  5. Louise Plummer, my college counselor: I showed up in her office at BYU on academic probation and she had me laughing by the end of the visit. We would meet once a week, on Thursdays, and I felt like I could be a successful human being again. Somehow, I had gotten confused and believed that I couldn’t even graduate from college. When I did graduate, I stopped into her office to let her know and her simple response: “Of course. I knew you would.” She helped me get into my Master’s program by writing a letter of recommendation. She writes great books, too.
  6. Mr. Elkins, my husband: he is the best husband around, despite what you might think about who you’re married to. For one thing, he puts up with me. All of the time. He cooks amazing food. He’s handsome and kind. His writing is superb. He makes me laugh. He’s intelligent and classy. His testimony is real and sincere. I know that the kids in his 8th grade English classes have learned to love things like poetry, because of his love for it and commitment as an awesome teacher. I could go on and on and on about how amazing he is, but I won’t make you too jealous about how amazing my spouse is.

Who were some of your favorite teachers? Did you tell them thank you?


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