My Last Two Weeks

At times in the last few weeks, I haven’t felt the most productive. I managed to get through work and then trudged on home. But I read a list of accomplishments over on Ann Cannon’s blog and thought, even though I couldn’t possibly have been as busy as she was, at least showing myself that I accomplished SOMEthing would be nice. So here’s my list of what I can recall I accomplished over the last two weeks:

Finished Songs of the Humpback Whale and read Austenland. The first was okay, I suppose. The second was a fun, quick read.

Played a little soccer.

Taught some primary lessons.

Kept track of my team at work so we “looked good.”

Ate food that Nathan made.

Went to a poetry reading of one of Nathan’s favorite poets, Ted Kooser.

Hit up the driving range twice because we are both EXPERT golfers.

Played a little basketball.

Went to Locke’s birthday party!

Crashed the birthday party for Locke that was rained out.

Went to a friend’s wedding reception.

Watched some TV, watched some movies, and caught up on sleep.

There you go. I did something.

What have you accomplished?

One thought on “My Last Two Weeks

  1. Geez…you’re very accomplished, indeed. You guys were the only ones that made it to both of Locke’s parties. Thank goodness you did too, since he couldn’t stop talking about that first visit for days. I definitely didn’t accomplish nearly so much as you did in the last couple of weeks…seems like there were some diaper changes, walks and trips to the library/market, and the repeated consumption of cupcakes that Ryan made. Man. When I put it like that, it makes me sound like a real go-getter.


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