The Easter Bunny’s Demise

In case you were wondering, the Easter Bunny lost his head. That’s my proof that I took with my cell phone.

Here’s the news story proof: Easter Bunny Loses His Head on Live TV.

Must have been terrifying for the kids that witnessed it. Did the Easter Bunny visit you this year?

Nathan and I had a relaxed Easter Sunday, going to church, taking an afternoon nap, then dinner at my parents and singing happy birthday to nephew, Abe. Our home teacher did give us a peppermint patty at church, so we did get some chocolate. Turns out, I’m not the best at remembering to do something for Nathan such as put together an Easter basket.

Do people do that when they don’t have kids yet?

We did go to church. That, I feel is a very important part of Easter, even though we go every week. I really enjoyed the talks shared in the meeting, in particular, Brother Sowards sharing scriptures from the Bible and Book of Mormon talking about Jesus Christ. He asked us, as he read them, to think about, “What think ye of Jesus?” It was a good Sunday.


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