Tromping Through Mud In Portland

I spent several days in Portland and Camas, Washington, a handful of days ago. I brought my camera. I also had my phone in tow. That has a camera, too, you know. I took a smattering of pictures while I was up there. Most of them came from trips around Round Lake, just down the hill from Pete and Genny’s. My niece, Catherine showed me her special stopping places, to throw rocks, toss sticks in the lake for Shady to retrieve, stomp across the bridge, and fall in the mud. I didn’t take a picture of the mud incident, but this led to the removal of her pants and wearing Genny’s tall socks to keep her legs warm. New fashion style!

Shady brought us a gift on one of our walks. Squirrel for dinner? Yum!

Shady's Squirrel Hunting

Catherine kept on calling it an otter and told us that otters swim in the water. Genny tossed it into the bushes. About an hour later, Shady brought it back again. Shady is such a nice dog, bringing gifts.

We also spent some time at Powell’s bookstore. I am so glad that I do not live closer to that store, for the sake of my bank account. It’s three stories and entire city block, filled with used, new, rare books and plenty of other bibliophile memorabilia as well. Genny had to text me after a while and remind me that we were with a toddler and couldn’t stay forever. So then we took the toddler to a spice store!

In the end, it was relaxing, Catherine played with me and even sat with me for some of sacrament meeting. And it was nice to return home again and be with Nathan. (He stayed behind to hang out with Pogi, oh and work, too.)

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