Talking About Food Burns Calories

Nathan is falling asleep on the floor.

Our little PC attached to our TV is playing through our music library, currently on “C’est Trop Beau” by Tino Rossi.

It’s dinner time. I need to wake up my husband to go pick something up tonight because we didn’t get around to buying fish. You have to buy fish the day you eat it. Otherwise, Mrs. Larrie does not like it. Fishy fish. Gross.

Even though I am hungry and I should wake Nathan up to go get food, I wanted to take the time to tell you something, though. Are you excited? You should be. I mean, this is really exciting, right? It has to do with food. Not cravings. Just to be clear.

Okay, have you braced yourself?

On the edge of your seat?

You’re not. Well, get there already.

Okay, now that I’ve hyped things up for several lines, are you ready for this? It’s actually not a big deal at all.

As it turns out, “chefguapo” was still available on wordpress so we grabbed it up. Okay, more correctly, I snatched it up. Nathan doesn’t actually call HIMSELF guapo. So my announcement is this: we (meaning me, mostly) set up a blog, Nathan’s Delectable Dinners, just for the sake of sharing pictures of the food that we eat, prepared by Chef Guapo. Be jealous.

That is all. What are you having for dinner tonight?

3 thoughts on “Talking About Food Burns Calories

  1. Oooooo, fancy. Seriously, everything about Nathan’s cooking screams “fancy.” I like it.

    We had Cafe Rio style burritos for dinner. Not quite as good as the Rio itself, but it’ll have to do for us Michiganders 🙂


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